Finally, small business and website marketing tactics that really work!
--read through this whole letter and learn how you can:

"Drastically Increase Your Overall Profits With This Complete, Step-By-Step Guide To Marketing Any Business Or Website Successfully And Set Yourself Up To Achieve Not Only Short Term But Long Term Success!

If you are interested in exponentially boosting your current marketing efforts, then you should pay extra close attention to this page!

What if I told you that your current website or business could experience drastically increased profits every single month, simply through implementing some proven business marketing and website marketing techniques?

If you are like most others then you are probably very interested because every single website and business owner ultimately wants to boost their bottom line profits.

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Total Marketers Handbook
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Marketing course

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Here's What You'll Discover Inside My Free Report...

  • How To Put Together And Execute A Profitable Internet Marketing Plan
  • Little Known Google Adwords Strategies That Will Save And Make You Money At The Same Time
  • How To Use "Branding" For Maximum Profits And Results
  • Underground "Guerrila Marketing Techniques" That Rake In Massive Profits
  • And Much Much More!


As you continue reading this page you will realize the many different ways that The Total Marketers Handbook will help you improve your current business. You will finally learn how to effectively use business marketing and/or website marketing techniques to drastically improve your bottom line (that means profits!).

There seems to be countless programs appearing on the Internet that claim to be able to help you market your business. However, most of them are just copycats of each other...just with some sort of a twist. They get thousands of people to sign up based on the hype that has been created for the product and most of the people who purchase don't usually see any real great success. This is because they are often low quality information products that don't help anyone but the person selling it.

You might learn about some marketing method that is working for the author of the book, but just because it works for them does not mean it will work for you!

What you need is to learn the fundamentals of marketing and put them in place so that you will be able to achieve proven LONG TERM success.

Do you think that the very large companies and corporations got to where they are today without implementing the fundamentals of marketing? Absolutely not! So why do you think you will be able to? It is the fundamentals that are the foundation for their entire business, and soon can be for yours too!

The fundamentals of marketing are often overlooked and as a result, businesses have failed time and time again. Without a solid marketing foundation in place it is incredibly difficult to survive in the highly competitive business world, both online or offline.

Don't let the same thing happen to you...
Put the fundamentals to work for your business, and
finally set yourself up to achieve LONG TERM success!

From: Mark Garland
To: Anyone Looking To Market Your Website Or Business More Effectively

Are you tired of opening your e-mails and seeing that there is yet another new program that you "need" to have in order to keep up to date and ahead of your competition? How many of these "helpful reminders" do you get in an average week? Are you already a member of one of those forums or safelists that can cost several hundreds of dollars - each and every month?? Have you started to wonder why you can't just seem to turn your website on "auto-pilot" and just collect $10-50,000 every month by working only 15 minutes a day? Worse still, have you started to wonder if your business would still grow at the same rate - or even faster - if you never purchased any of those $1,000 programs or attended one of the seminars for $10,000 or more?


A sad marketing truth is that a high majority of products sold today, are sold based on the hype that has been created for them. It doesn't even have anything to do with the quality of the product itself or what the product will allow you to learn. Disappointed buyers have been found countless times over as people have forked out their hard earned money only to get a sub par product in return. Does this maybe sound familiar to you?

It is important to note though that the "guru hopefuls" behind these "new to the market" marketing products are not reinventing the wheel of marketing by any means:

The fundamentals of marketing have not changed - only new methods have evolved thanks to the Internet.

Whether you are trying to market your goods or services using offline methods or via the Internet - the fundamentals of marketing remain the same. You still need to choose your target audience, utilize testing and tracking to analyze the success of the campaign, establish yourself as an expert, write good sales copy, etc. Even if you have a program suite that can standardize some of the technical aspects of the Internet marketing process - you still need to get the fundamentals right to successfully market your product or service - Period!

The fundamentals of marketing are like the fundamentals of business: There are no short-cuts and you will not succeed unless you know and practice them, or can actually afford to pay someone else to perform them for you. You are your company's own best salesperson and the only one who should be responsible for growing the business and branding the company or website - do you really want to trust that to some program that is being used by thousands of other websites? In the end, all those websites will start to look and sound like carbon copies of one another, and you can already see that if you search around the internet, even for just a few minutes! Trusting this incredibly important task to some program will alienate your customers and destroy your sales! Your business marketing and/or website marketing needs to be done the right what's stopping you? Nothing anymore Thanks To The Total Marketers Handbook!


Purchase your Copy Of The Total Marketers Handbook Today!


It's Time You Learned Marketing From Top to Bottom So You NEVER Have to See Those Internet Guru Hopefuls Eating Away At Your Profits Again!

Marketing Basics

From SEO experts to bona fide Internet marketers themselves, there are thousands of people getting rich off of honest, hard-working website owners and entrepreneurs simply because they do not know how to market their goods or services - WHY?? Nothing is more important to your overall sales and the potential of your business than marketing! Who is more motivated to succeed and could develop a successful campaign while presenting the right image to your potential customers - some hired gun who probably has a dozen clients like you - or you who actually has a vested interest in your business, products and services? The Internet marketer or SEO expert gets paid whether you sell 100 units or 1,000 - so do you really want to entrust your business marketing and/or website marketing to an outsider?

The Total Marketers Handbook Will Teach What You Need To Know About Business Marketing - Including the Best Methods for Both Online and Offline Success:

Database Marketing, Back-End Marketing, Article Marketing, Viral Marketing, Understanding and using SEO, Google Adwords, Offline Advertising Secrets, Generating Publicity, Joint Ventures, Autoresponders, Creating Press Releases

Finally take command of your business and its overall success by learning marketing from the ground up and applying the fundamentals using the latest methods - both online and off! The Total Marketers Handbook will provide you with the information and confidence you need to effectively market your business and/or website to achieve true long term success!

Don't get me wrong - we all need people to help us grow and run our business. And while being "guru dependent" is nothing to be ashamed of (after all, we have all been entranced by their big promises), you certainly want to get free of these high priced "experts" as quickly as possible or you risk forever being trapped in their endless cycle. The fads, special DVD's, and even the seminars all come and go - but the basics of business marketing will always remain the same. To be successful, a business owner needs to understand how to effectively reach their target audience or entrust this vital function to some stranger. By understanding the basic principles of business marketing, you will soon see your overall confidence in all social situations increase right along with your bottom line!

The Total Marketers Handbook Will Even Teach You How To Write Your Own Sales Ads and Will Save You $1,000's on Copy Writing Costs - No Matter Which Method You Use!

  • Advantage of Highlighting Benefits Vs. Features
  • Power of Post Script
  • How to Develop Strong Call to Action
  • Using the AIDA principle
  • Developing Emotional Hook
  • And So Much More!

If you have noticed, I have chosen not to personally build up much hype for this product. I could have easily completed a very large hype building campaign like many other marketers out there today so that when I launched this product, sales would flow into my bank account with very little effort...but I didn't! Why? Because if any hype is built for this product, I want it to be TRUE AND WELL EARNED HYPE. I want it to be hype that is built from the actual quality of information available to you in The Total Marketers Handbook. You know, the type of hype that is built from honest individuals promoting products that they are proud to promote...not some generic product that they have not even read through themselves where they are essentially selling and reselling total hype and not a quality product.

I'm not saying that I won't build hype for any future product releases...because the truth is...Hype sells. But this is a special product that I have spent very much time and hard work creating so if hype is built it will be built through individuals who are actually interested and enjoy the product!

So if you are here, it is because someone feels that you will benefit from purchasing The Total Marketers Handbook! And the truth is, I can understand 100% why..Your business and/or website will experience massively increased profits thanks to what you will be learning and implementing!

Just look at what our customers are saying...

"The Total Marketer's Handbook is a very comprehensive guide that can be used offline, as well as online. It is an easy stepwise handbook that can be followed by anyone wanting to grow their business - a start-up or an established one.


As a business coach, I highly recommend it to my clients as a 'tool' to use when planning their marketing strategy, and further for implementation."


Fran Piggott

Just look at what our customers are saying...

"I currently offer training and marketing support services to individuals who are involved in direct sales and network marketing.  All too often in this industry, the only marketing strategies that are known are to make a list of friends and family or to randomly approach people you come across and hope they might be interested.  The Total Marketer's Handbook is a very valuable resource that I not only recommend to all my clients, but I recommend to any business owner that needs to gain a better understanding as to how to market a business."

Roosevelt Cooper

About The Author

Mark Garland

Hi, I'm Mark Garland. Thanks for reading through this page.

I have created this eBook/eCourse for one main reason, to inform. I don't claim to be any so called "marketing guru", I do however have a vast knowledge of the marketing field and that is what I am pass on to you through this eCourse.

I am the founder of Analyzed Marketing Solutions, a marketing company based out of Ontario Canada. I have a university degree in business with a marketing concentration along with very much experience. The way I view marketing is that it is the most critical aspect of a business because of the overall effect that it has on total profit.

Successful marketing truly can make or break the success of a product or service, so the eCourse that you will be getting titled "The Total Marketers Handbook" actually goes through a variety of marketing methods that will be incredibly beneficial for you to utilize when marketing your business. I don't just explain what everything is though...I go much further as there are quizzes and assignments for you to complete to assist your learning as you advance through the eCourse.

It doesn't matter if you are needing this eCourse for your business marketing needs, your website marketing needs or for your individual marketing needs, you will finish with true, down to earth, proven and tested marketing skills and will have developed a solid marketing plan that you will be able to follow to aid in your success!

As a result of implementing the material available to you in The Total Marketers Handbook you will be able to improve many different aspects of your business



You will experience drastically increased profits


Your will gain your customers trust


You will increase total sales made


You will see an increase in repeat sales made


Your overall business image will increase


The awareness for your business can be increased


And so much more...

You are probably thinking to yourself "How much does this cost?" and "Can I afford it?"

But the question you should be worried about is "What type of results can I get with this?"

It should be the end result that you are worried about and not the up front cost...I mean, you wouldn't want to invest in something if it wasn't going to help you out right? Well as you most likely already know, this ecourse will help you out considerably so you don't need to worry about that anymore...your investment will be more than worth it!

Think of this as an example: If you paid $2000 for something and as a result you were able to increase your monthly sales by $10,000, it was well worth the investment right?

Well, this is similar to that situation except it will not require such a large investment up front. You will be able to receive LONG TERM results that will pay you back your investment time and time again through implementing what you learn in this course.

I have been told many times that I should be selling this course for around $497.00, but I want ordinary people and businesses to be able to afford it and if I set such a price the potential would be limited. This is why you can pick up your copy today at a GREAT PRICE!!


You can take advantage of our introductory offer today and get your copy for only $34.95!!


Yes, I am giving up profits by setting such a low price but I would rather you feel secure that you are getting a high quality product for a great price so that you will become a loyal customer. You see, there is much more to marketing than merely profits. Relationships are huge...and it is my job to ensureyou are satisfied with what you are getting. When you see the quality of The Total Marketers Handbook you will be very thankful you decided to invest in your future!

There is nothing holding your business back from success other than you at this point. This purchase will be your single most important purchase for your business because you will be setting yourself up to profit not just in the short term but also in the LONG RUN! Most marketing related products available today only help in the short term but it should be the long run that you are focused on!

For myself personally, it is always much more satisfying to reach my long term goals than it is to reach my short term ones. I'm sure this is the same for you too so act today and finally set your business up to achieve the long term success that you and your business deserves!

So as a recap, you can grab your copy of this premium product today for
$497.00 $197.00 only $34.95!!

Just look at what our customers are saying...

Marketing is boring. Well it was until I read your excellent guide. Once I started reading, I could not stop. Could this be the new marketing bible?

The manual's 3 main sections; basic marketing, specific techniques and sales copywriting gave enough information to enable me to take positive action with my business.


I particularly liked the quiz at the conclusion of each section. This enabled me to check what I had absorbed and review when neccessary.


The manual's format is easy to understand. 200+ pages of meat. If you desire a solid foundation to your business, then this manual is for you!


Jim Burney

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* A technique that virtually guarantees visitors on your email list

* How to Use Message Boards for Advertising

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And So Much More




Just look at what our customers are saying...

Hi, Mark,
I recommend The Total Marketers Handbook to everyone starting out in their own business. It's a terrific introduction to all aspects of marketing today. I also recommend it to experienced Internet marketers who have forgotten the "marketing" side, because they're so focused on the "Internet" side. There's money to be made in the offline world as well. (Not that you neglect the key ways to market online.)
Your end of chapter quizzes help us to internalize the information, by immediately applying it.

Richard Stooker
Income Investing Secrets

Marketing solutions 100% money back guarantee

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P.P.S. I have been told by many people that I should increase the price of this eCourse soon because the amazing content that I have included can provide drastic long term results to any businesses profit potential. I have also been told that it should be priced up to $997.00 so you are truly getting a deal if you get your copy today at just a small fraction of that price!

P.P.P.S.  Remember the longer you wait to take action, the more of an opportunity you’re giving to your competition to beat you to the punch.  That’s definitely not what you want.  Click here to secure that competitive advantage for your business today.

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